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Get Immediate Answers to Frequently Asked Resident Questions

  • How quickly will you be able to get my property rented?
    We spend time ensuring your property is ready for the rental market and attractive to potential residents. The amount of time it’s on the market depends on competition, time of year, and the condition and price of your property. We take every step possible to ensure your property is swiftly rented for the best rate.
  • How do you establish rental rates?
    We do a complete analysis of comparable properties on the market and set your rental rate accordingly. Our goal is to get you the best rents possible while ensuring your property stays rented with the best qualified residents.
  • What sets your Property Management Company apart from others?
    Good communication, technology tailored to your needs and experience you can count on. Plus we don't just throw your hard earned money at problems. Our team of skilled technicians and affordable vendors provides many opportunities for saving you money at every step.
  • What if my tenant doesn’t pay?
    In the unfortunate likelihood your resident does not pay rent on time we do a series of steps to enforce payment compliance. However, bad things happen to even the best people, so if a resident can no longer pay rent, we will negotiate to get them to move by handing in keys or start the eviction process. Then we move them out and get a new resident put in their place. Current eviction backlogs in the courts can take up to 60-90 days to effect an eviction in Kern County at this time.
  • What does your project management services consist of?
    Doing light maintenance and cleaning for the next resident is part of normal management duties. However, there are times when major upgrades are warranted to bring a unit up to current market demands to get maximum rent. In this case owners have the option of hiring their own supervisor / foreman to oversee all the upgrades or hire us to manage the project for you. Our fees are based on scope of work and in keeping with industry standards for project management fees. (10-15% of costs to do the project)
  • What does your asset management services consist of?
    Many owner managed properties have existing management and maintenance staff they wish to keep around, but they are looking to move away from the day to day management of things. Owner managed properties do not typically use high end management software and have their own systems to keep track of things. This is where our asset management services come in handy. We can transition the property into a professional management software system, onboard all the existing staff into our system, including our Human Resources and payroll systems, while maintaining existing operations. We can provide oversight to staff and real-time reporting to you so you can free up more time to do other things, while maintaining loyalty to your longtime staff. Part of this service includes budget oversight and property enhancements that may be needed. Asset Management provides that interim solution for Owner Operators who want to step back, but not completely let go of their property.
  • What can you do for Acquisition Management?
    Many times owners are looking for other buildings to purchase. They will ask us to provide coordination for all their due-diligence reports they need as part of their assessment to buy or not. Plus many times we get asked to provide vendor reports on various things for the building. We provide this service on an as-needed basis. Rates very on the types of services/reports needed.
  • What if I want to sell my property?
    As a licensed Real Estate Broker we can list your property for sale. This would include preparing the property and marketing materials to put forth the best listing possible. Along with our network of professionals, we are your one-stop-shop when its time to exit your property.


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