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Property Management in Shafter, CA


Rental Marketing

Trustar Properties utilizes a comprehensive set of marketing tools that helps you stay updated on the latest rental trends and market conditions. With these insights, you'll be able to reduce vacancy time. And rent your property at an optimal value!


Maintaining your property's performance includes routine inspections of units. This ensures that residents take care of your property. Our in-house maintenance team and property managers ensure that housing standards are maintained.  

Resident Screening

Trustar's proprietary resident application process ensures all rental criteria are maintained. Our real-time credit, employment, and rental history verification systems enhance the resident selection process. So you can rest easy knowing due diligence will be conducted to find your ideal residents.

Rent Collection

Trustar provides residents with many options to pay their rent on time. This includes auto-pay, bar-code payslips, and a resident online portal. These convenient options ensure payments are made on time. And "old school" residents have the option of paying via money orders.


Property maintenance is the lifeline to maintaining your property's value. Trustar has a team of highly skilled maintenance technicians trained to handle all types of renovations and repairs. This is done in a timely and cost-effective manner. And when necessary, we also work with a team of specialized vendors at a reasonable cost.


If a resident violates the rules, the issue is quickly handled for you. Once a situation escalates to the need for eviction, we take steps to ensure the necessary actions are done to resolve the situation. Inspections, notices, and/ or negotiations are sent to legal, if necessary. 

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Our Specialties Include:

Project Management

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Acquisition Management

Listing / Selling

Property Management Services for You

We have you covered every step of the way.

Eviction Guarantee

No one wants to evict someone. Our team is trained to take every possible step with a resident who struggles to pay rent. Sometimes eviction is the final step. In this case, we have a highly qualified legal team that will handle it.

Lease Agreements

We work with you to determine your resident leasing goals. Whether month-to-month, six months, or one year, we provide you with flexibility.  So you can align your vision with your property.

Pet Policy

Pets are a big part of many families. Some properties are not pet friendly and should not have them. We work with you to decide whether or not you prefer a pet or no pet policy.

We'll set deposits and fees to ensure damages are taken care of.  

Resident Placement

Our resident placement fees are some of the most reasonable around. Whether it's a month-to-month, six-month, or year lease, our proprietary placement process lets us qualify residents to the criteria we set with you. If a resident breaks a lease, we find a replacement for no additional fee.

Rental Income

We provide monthly reports that can be accessed anytime through your owner portal. Your rent distributions are automatically sent to your bank account.

Management Fees

Our fees are set based on your property management agreement with us. Our primary focus is to ensure residents pay their rent on time. Our experienced management team works with residents to ensure they get their rent paid.

Leasing Fee Service

Part of our resident placement service includes leasing fees. Utilizing our integrated marketing solutions and proprietary application process ensure leasing fees are charged only when rent is collected from a new resident.

Legal Compliance

We use the most current State approved lease agreements and resident notices. These provide the required clauses, terms & conditions - including COVID-19 notifications. This allows us to control residents and avoid evictions whenever possible.


What Sets Trustar Properties, Inc Apart From the Rest?

Good Communication

Our rapid communication hub ensures you receive quick responses at any time. Whether operational or accounting, we specialize in tending to your needs at hand. Plus, you have full access to your property's performance data. It's available 24/7 a week via your owner portal.

Experience You Can Count on

We work to earn your trust every day. Trustar was founded by investors for investors. With over 50 years of property management experience, our team knows how to solve problems. And that's without throwing your hard-earned money at it!

We understand the need for property performance. And we'll work with you directly to ensure your vision is realized. 

Technology Tailored To Your Needs

Trustar Properties' process combines managing and controlling costs, with the use of industry-leading secure management software - Appfolio. So you have peace-of-mind knowing your investment is getting the best care possible. Trustar's dynamic organizational structure ensures you are kept up-to-date on your property's performance.

We Love When Our Clients are Happy

Steve Coach

Theresa the manager at Casa del Sol is a great manager. Her attention to her tenants and community is top notch.

Lynn Pettingill

I have rented from Tru Star for about a year now. I have found that they are firm but fair. I needed a little extra time to pay rent and called about a week before rent was due and was able to make arrangements for the rent and late fee's.


We Make Your Vision A Reality

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What Are the Benefits of Working With Trustar Properties, Inc?

More about Our Team and Management Philosophy


Our team at Trustar Properties' has more than fifty years of combined real estate experience, including our own experience in portfolio ownership. So we know how to manage your assets to turn them into the wealth models you've always envisioned. We know multi-family and single-family management from the inside out. Whether your portfolio is large or small, we've owned and managed it all.


As investor-oriented agents, we take pride in solving management questions with frugal budgeting, efficient application of resources, and innovative marketing ideas. We have unique approaches that can help maximize your return on investment.


We don't just throw money at the problems. We take the time to establish cost-effective solutions and control processes from start to finish. Whether you are in need of a lease-up, property rehabilitation, or just competent management and retention, we can help. We've been there before and we're here for you now.

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