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We Make Your Vision A Reality

It is our mission to ensure you succeed with your
investment and reach your financial goals.


You know what you need from your investment.
And part of that is having a management team you can trust.

Each property has its own challenges. Whether its vacancies,cost overruns or delinquencies, your success depends onhow well these situations are managed.

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Trustar Properties provides a good balance of technology
and real time experience to ensure all aspects of service
and cost control are maintained.


At Trustar Properties we are investor minded in our philosophy and approach to managing your investment.


  • Enhance NOI with increased efficiency

  • Cost effective marketing strategies

  • Increase your bottom line

Our unique management structure is here to service your property investment needs.

Whether you’re renting or need property management, TruStar Properties has what it takes to help you.
Take advantage of our experienced team to guide you to success in in achieving your properties vision.



When Trustar took over my 113 unit building it was half empty and being vandalized. I was hard on
TruStar at first, but within the first few months they gained my trust and our property improved so quickly.
I know because long time residents were reporting to me all the great changes taking place. I even called
asking why my distributions were so high. I realized their strategy was sound and to this day I trust them

Mrs. M. L. 113 Unit Apartment Building Bakersfield.

Our 64 unit building in Bakersfield had gone downhill fast. Vacancies were high and collections were low,
most of the time there was not enough money to make the mortgage payment. Trustar Properties came
in and took control right away, cut costs and within 3 months had it cash-flowing and it was the first year
the property made money in a long time. We were able to sell if for more than we paid, when we thought
we were going to lose more. They truly did get control of our property and turned it around.

Mr. and Mrs. S. – 64 Unit Apartment building, Bakersfield CA

The management company I had managing my 40 unit building could never seem to get my occupancy
over 50%, no matter what they did. I was getting desperate and thought for sure I was going to sell this at
a loss. I interviewed 4 companies and when the Trustar team came in, right away I knew this was what I
was looking for. Within three months they filled the place up, turned it completely around and I was able
to sell it for a great profit! Naturally I referred them to other clients in need. Thank you Trustar for your
excellent work, you saved the day.

Mr. R. – 40 Unit Building Bakersfield CA


Provide valuable insight to owners

Advising on market status

Implementation of the best marketing strategies

Leasing and contract management for residents and vendors

Rapid response to maintenance and repair needs

Handling all aspects of unit preparations for rent

High level collections and delinquency management

Effective legal compliance and representation

Financial updates and property status reporting

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